Travel from Pisa Airport to Florence by Train

Travel in Florence Tuscany Italy can be achieved by many Florence travel deals however flying into Pisa airport and catching the train to Firenze SMN train station is one of the more affordable options. The airport of Pisa and Pisa Centrale train station are connected by the PisaMover, an innovative high-speed automated people mover service running every day from 6 a.m. to midnight, every 5/8 minutes. The trip takes about 5 minutes and it costs 2,70€. A return ticket (Biglietto andata/ritorno is 5.40€. Once in Pisa Centrale, just hop on the train to Florence (choose the one that suits you best here  ). Depending on the train you get, journey time can vary: the fastest trains cover the distance between the two cities in about 50 minutes, while the “slowest” trains take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The train ticket costs 8,60€.

You’ll be able to buy a combined ticket (11,10€) for both the PisaMover and the train at the Arrivals hall of the airport, there is normally a queue if a flight has just arrived. Also online on Trenitalia’s website and via the dedicated mobile app. The tickets can also be bought separately, it’s possible to purchase tickets for the PisaMover in one of the four ticket machines installed at the PisaMover platform. You can also buy tickets for the train to Florence from the machines on the platform at Pisa Centrale.

The Train ticket office is on the right hand side as you come out of the arrivals door onto the concourse.  Once you have arrived at Pisa Centrale you will need to check the times of the next train to Firenze SMN or look using the link above. The train usually arrives at platforms 1-3 at Firenze SMN.

If there is a train strike. Outside the front entrance of the airport, you can take a coach from Pisa to Florence. Depending on the time of the next coach it can be quicker to catch the coach depending on the traffic.


Pisa Mover take lift to shuttle

Pisa Mover take lift to shuttle

Inside pisa mover shuttle two stops to pisa centrale

Inside pisa mover shuttle two stops to pisa centrale


Flights to Florence airport go from City airport in London. The cheapest 1.50€ and probably fastest route into town is the tram. There are taxis available at Florence airport to take you into the City centre in addition to a bus service that goes every 30 minutes to Florence train station (Firenze SMN).  A taxi from Florence airport to the centre is approximately 24 Euros for a maximum of four people. A bus from the airport to the Firenze SMN (Santa Maria Novella) train station is approximately 6 Euros per person. The journey time is approximately 10 minutes but can be longer depending on traffic.

Tram from Florence Airport (Peretola Aeroporto) to the train station (Firenze SMN)

Tram arrives at strozzi-fallaci 2nd stop from firenze smn train station

Tram arrives at strozzi-fallaci 2nd stop from firenze smn train station

The new tram provides the cheapest 1.50€ valid for 90 minutes after it has been convalidated in the machine and quickest if the traffic is bad, way to get to the train station and town centre, if you are arriving at Florence airport. The Firenze tram map (below) shows the bottom right first tram stop is Peretola Aeroporto. The tram stop that intersects the two tram lines is Alamanni Stazione which is the tram stop for Firenze SMN train station. This is the stop to get off at if you are staying in the Borgo Ognissanti apartment.

Firenze Tram map

If you are staying in the Viale giovanni Milton apartment the tram stop to get off the tram is Strozzi - Fallaci shown in the photograph above. It is approximately a five minute walk to the apartment. If you have come by tram from Firenze Peretola Aeroporto then you need to change tram at Alamanni Stazione to be able to get to Strozzi - Fallaci. This involves getting off the tram at Alamanni Stazione (if you stay on it will take you on to UNITA, the City centre) so get off and then get on the next tram going to CAREGGI OSPEDALE. The Strozzi-Fallaci stops is also very close to the exhibition centre Fortezza da Baso which amongst other things hosts the fashion industry. Please look at the google map (below, zoom in) to see the location of the tram stop STROZZI - FALLACI in relation to the apartment Viale Giovanni Milton.

Tram line Aeroporto to City centre

Tram line Aeroporto to City centre

firenze tram line stations

firenze tram line stations

Firenze SMN train station to Viale Giovanni Milton 53 by tram

From the train station if you are arriving at Firenze SMN station on arrival turn left and head for the exit as this will take you to the tram stop Valfonda (close to the taxi rank). Tram is now the cheapest way to get to the apartment and fastest if the traffic is bad. Price (Euro 1.50) ticket valid for 90 minutes after it has been convalidated - date and time stamped by you when you get on the tram in the machine. Get off at tram stop STROZZI - FALLACI I am a big fan of the new tram. The second stop from the tram stop VALFONDA. Walk along Viale Giovanni Milton by the River Mugnone to the apartment, approximately 5 minutes.

Bologna Airport to Florence.

 We have been told that you can get the Aerobus from Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale train station (a 20 minute ride, buy a ticket on board or from the machines in advance which is better). You can then buy train tickets through the ticket office at the station for the Frecciarossa high speed train. The trip from Bologna centrale train station to Florence Santa Maria Novella train station takes approximately 40 minutes by Frecciarossa train prices vary by time but approximately 25-30 Euro. It is best to look at the website to plan your route and time. Trenitaliawebsite. click on the link.

 We have also heard of people that have not been fortunate with the return journey as they did not buy return tickets for the Journey back. Instead they went a couple of days before departure to the Santa Maria Novella station to buy Frecciarossa tickets back to Bologna, but they were all sold out. The alternative option, is to buy open tickets for the regional train. The trains are less frequent and you need to check in advance the time to leave to make certain that you will be at the airport to check in 2 hours before your flight time. This can mean having to catch a very early train, which can be packed with people and also having to change trains in Prato! The journey from Florence S. Maria Novella to Bologna airport can take about 2.5 hrs this way but will be cheaper.

 So it is good advice to a pre-book Frecciarossa tickets online well in advance, if at all possible! By far the most comfortable and hassle-free option for this journey.


Driving to Florence and parking in the garage at Viale Giovanni Milton outside the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL)

Take the road SS67 (Viale Spartaco Lavagnini) into Firenze and aim for Piazza della Liberta. Before you approach Piazza Della Liberta get into the left hand lane. At the traffic lights the sign in blue will show Fiesole and Bologna. Go onto the next set of traffic lights. At the traffic lights turn left.  You will going parallel to the road you have just been on in the opposite direction. Move into the right hand lane. There is a set of traffic lights. Take the right turn off Piazza Della Liberta and keep right into Via Paolo Toscanelli. Go to the end of the street and turn left into Viale Giovanni Milton. Go past Via Cristoforo Landino (no entry into that street) on the left. River Mugnone on right. Stop outside garage entrance (with yellow lights) before traffic lights.


Where to hire car rentals in Florence

Borgo Ognissanti is where all the car rental firms are based and also where we have accommodation in the one bedroom apartment available for vacation rental.  There is also a private secure garage in Borgo Ognissanti that most of the car rental firms use to park their cars. I have recently returned from Italy and used which was very reasonable.  I have also discovered that provides annual car hire insurance to cover the excess. It is approximately 40 pounds per annum and this is cheaper than the insurance excess the car hire companies try to sell you.

Directions to 53 Viale Giovanni Milton from the main train station Firenze SMN

In Italy you can travel to Florence by train from Venice or Rome. As you leave the railway station Firenze SMN exit on the left hand side. You will see a Taxi rank and a McDonalds restaurant in the distance and head towards it. Either take a taxi, tram from Valfonda as it is only the second stop to Srozzi Fallaci or walk. If you wish to walk go to the road called Largo Fratelli Alinari which leads into Via Nazionale. Keep walking down this street for approximately 10 minutes into via Santa Caterina D'Alessandria until you come to a zebra crossing and traffic lights at the main road called Viale Spartaco Lavagnini. Cross this road into Via Agnolo Poliziano and turn right before the bridge into Viale Giovanni Milton. You will see number 53 shortly. To summarise leave the train station on the left hand side, head towards the McDonalds in Largo Fratelli Alinari and keep walking straight until you come to a main road. Cross the main road and turn into Via Agnolo Poliziano then turn right before the bridge into Viale Giovanni Milton.    

How to Get from Rome to Florence by Train

Florence is 173 miles north of Rome. Frequent trains run directly between Rome Termini Station and Florence Santa Maria Novella Station (the main train stations for each city). Some frecce and regional trains also leave from Roma Tiburtina station.

You can check current Rome to Florence schedules and ticket prices on the Trenitaliawebsite. 

Frecce trains are the fastest and most expensive, making the trip from Rome to Florence as short as one hour and thirty-one minutes. You'll need to reserve a seat on these trains. Less expensive regional trains take two to four hours and do not have reserved seats. Trains leave from early morning until about 9 PM, with several train choices per hour.

Italy's private high-speed rail line, Italo, also has fast trains between Rome's Ostiense and Tiburtina stations (not Termini) and Florence Santa Maria Novella Station. You can buy Italo train tickets online.

Trains from Venice to Florence

Taking trains from Venice to Florence is fast and convenient with high-speed Alta Velocita (AV) services operated by Trenitalia and Italo plying the route throughout the day. The first of the 22 daily trains from Venice to Florence is a Frecciargento which departs at 8:37 a.m., and the last is a Frecciarossa leaving at 7:25 p.m. Travel time is around two hours. Most services run direct with a few involving a change in Bologna.

What are the departure and arrival stations for trains from Venice to Florence?

Departure Station: Most trains to Florence leave from Venice's Santa Lucia Station (S. Lucia). It is located at the start of the Grand Canal just behind Ferrovia water bus landing and very near to the coach stop. Some services depart from Mestre on the mainland.

Arrival Station: Trains from Venice arrive at Santa Maria Novella (Firenze SMN/SM Novella) station. Centrally located on Piazza della Stazione, SMN is also the location of the hub for local and regional bus services which makes it very convenient for onward travel. A few services terminate at Firenze Rifredi on in Via dello Steccuto in the north of the city.

Which train companies go from Venice to Florence?

Italo and Trenitalia operate the trains from Venice to Florence.

How long is the train from Venice to Florence?

Trains from Venice to Florence can take from 1 hour and 53 minutes with the high-speed train or up to 3 hours and 5 minutes on the regular train.

When are the first and last trains of the day from Venice to Florence?

The first direct train from Venice to Florence is at 05:37 a.m and the last direct train from Venice to Florence train leaves at 19:25 p.m.

Paris to Milano Centrale by Thello sleeper train

As a child growing up we were taken to Italy from England by train and to this day have happy memories of the train journey, especially waking up in the morning to sunshine and sea views as the weather became warmer as the day passed and we traveled further south. I do not miss being woken up in the middle of the night at the Swiss border to show passports however. In my youth we caught the Paris train from Gare di Nord to Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi. We had interesting conversations in the dining car and a six bed couchette to sleep in at night. The journey was long but it was part of the adventure.

So the sleeper Thello train from Paris Gare de Lyon leaves after 7pm passes through the suburbs of Paris over rivers and through coutryside with beautiful villages and as the sun sets and the couchette is prepared it is an adventure that reminds me of my youth. There are 4 berth and 6 berth couchettes which offer an economical way to travel with family or friends. There are also the standard bed cabin and the premium with it’s own bed shower and wc. The train arrives in Milano Centrale at 6am and this allows you to change trains to go to either Venice or Florence. It would make sense from Paris to visit Venice first and then catch the train from Venice to Florence. If you stay on the train you arrive in Venice, Venezia Santa Lucia train station at 9.35am. You can take your own food and wine with you or there is a bar and a dining car with restaurant.

Bike sharing in Florence

Mobike additional information at  or English

Mobike additional information at or English

Bike sharing with “free flow” bikes has arrived August 2017 in Florence thanks to Mobike: the first 500 bikes to be used with an App are on the streets or

Both city residents and visitors alike now have an extra choice in how to move around the centre from the start of this month. Florence has become the first Italian city where Mobike, a large Chinese company operating in the sector, has installed its “free flow” bike sharing program. What does this mean? It means that the first 500 bikes now moving around Florence can be found through a dedicated APP that shows you where they are and you can rent them out at any time of the day without heading to specific location during work hours. The bikes are easy to identify with their bright orange rimmed wheels, and black basket and saddle.

Special “parking” areas have been painted across town where users should leave the bikes — for now, there are 50 such areas and should increase to become 130. We’ll see how easy they are to “use” if no one else parks on them. But by its very nature, this “free flow” bike sharing service does not need the traditional bike rental parking areas. Users are encouraged to leave them near general bike parking racks (without tying/locking them to the racks, of course). Bike users also cannot park them on sidewalks or other areas where bikes are not permitted! The city has picked out areas for the bike sharing program to make it easier for everyone to use although you aren’t required to use them. There are about 50 of these areas so far, but they should increase slowly around the center and outskirts to become 130. More bikes will be added through the next weeks to arrive to 4,000 total bikes by October.

How it works

All you need to do is download the free Mobike APP on your smart phone from either the Apple Store or Google Play. You then create an account using your cellphone number – you’ll receive a confirmation code you use along with a credit or debit card (to be used as a partial security deposit for any damage you might cause the bike during your use). The APP has a map showing where the closest bikes to you are located. You can then reserve a bike for up to 15 minutes by clicking on the bike on the map and clicking on “book”. Once you find the bike, you click on “unlock” and scan the QR code located near the handle bars with your phone… and the bike unlocks so that you can start using the bike!

Once you get to your destination, try to park in one of the dedicated areas or in any bike rack (again, not on sidewalks!) and use the lever on the bike lock to end your rental. The APP will automatically end the rental time for your bike, and you’ll be charged for the time you rented it out. The bikes are spread out and available to use all over Florence.

How much it costs

During this initial period, there are promotional tariffs to encourage everyone to try out and start using the new rental bikes! The base cost will be 30 cents for 30 minutes (which will increase to 50 cents). The deposit for now is just 1 euro but will increase to 50 euros once the bike sharing comes to its full regime. Info on cost is found within the app as well as on the bikes.

There are subscriptions for monthly, trimester, semester and annual use so these bikes should be great for residents and students who don’t want to take on the full cost or worry about owning a bike in Florence. The more you use the bike and in the correct manner, the more you’ll benefit: Mobike plans to offer discounts and offers to those who use the bikes well. Those who don’t will be “punished” and can have their subscription cancelled.

Hard to steal bikes

Mobike has created bikes that will not be easily stolen (a wide problem in Florence): the smart bikes have components that cannot be used on other bikes, each bike is traced with GPS and has a loud alarm that rings out when the bike is moved with the lock still activated. It also has some components, such as the brakes, that don’t work if the bike is not activated through Mobike’s App procedure. Users can also use the App to signal damage or trouble with the bikes.

Moving around by Tram

After much work the tram line T1 is working that provides quick, pollution free travel across the City.

the tram and tram map showing stops along the route

The Firenze tram line provides a quick way to move across the city

The Firenze tram line provides a quick way to move across the city

nearest tram station to viale giovanni milton

nearest tram station to viale giovanni milton

Tram line map showing stops

Tram line map showing stops

The tram line goes all the way from Villa Costanza in the west side of the city to Careggi-Ospedale in the north-east. The total length of the line is 11.5 km and connects 3 important train stations in the city.

A normal ticket, valid for 90 minutes, costs €1,50 if you buy them in advance. They can also be purchased aboard, but for the price of €2,50. In accordance with the length of your stay it is also possible to buy tickets that are for example valid for 24 hours, 3 days or a month. A book of 10 tickets bought in advance where you see the ATAF signs is 14 euros. The tram starts at 5am and finishes at 12.30am. On Friday and Saturday it finishes at 2am.

For more information about the prices you can have a look on the official ATAF website.
Remember that your ticket needs to be validated upon boarding.

New Trams, being on the same level of the floor, allow disabled to go on board.